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FMA Advanced Program

Advanced Program (Age 8 and up)

The Advanced program challenges both mind and body. Classes are 45 minutes long and are both physically and mentally challenging. Our students will get fit and have fun while learning practical self defense. The program incorporates fitness training, including strength, endurance and flexibility.

Advanced students practice five core principles or tenets:

- Courtesy
- Integrity
- Perseverance
- Self-Control
- Indomitable Spirit

The curriculum includes:

- Conditioning
- Fundamentals
- Patterns
- Sparring (Step sparring, free sparring)
- Self Defense
- Board Breaking
- Flexibility and Stretching
- Theory (History, Korean Vocabulary, Taekwondo Theory and Techniques)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (6:00pm - 6:45pm)

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Class Schedule

Contact Information

Falmouth Martial Arts of Maine

Tel: (207) 838.1545

E.mail: info@fmamaine.com

All FMA Falmouth classes are held at the Mason-Motz Activity Center at the corner of Lunt and Middle Roads in Falmouth, Maine.

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